Our Work

Our work has always evolved around social justice and inclusion with a keen emphasis on education and human development through community/capacity development. Past projects have included,

  • a women in business network,
  • working with young people to develop business ideas,
  • development seminars for journalists, writers and others engaged in the media,
  • debates and meetings with politicians and civic leaders,
  • support to vulnerable women including those trapped in the sex industry,
  • counselling and mentoring,
  • support to families of children with disabilities,
  • working with young people experiencing mental health issues,
  • teacher development programmes,
  • teaching English,
  • provision of additional learning opportunities particularly to those on low incomes,
  • supporting projects with other partners that provide opportunities for social inclusion (sport, learning seminars, career advice etc),
  • internships and mentoring programmes.

Most of our work has taken place in Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania and Great Britain. In 2017, BFF conducted a thorough review of its work and decided that it would continue to initiate its own projects as well as working with and supporting projects and activities of other trusted parties that are grass root based and promote the values of social justice and social inclusion.

Therefore, our focus is on:

  • The development of educational and learning opportunities
  • Media and communication projects
  • Support to people with disabilities
  • Mentoring for start ups and young/new business projects and ventures
  • Internships for editors, translators and journalists
  • MyELS – teaching English, publishing, translation and editing services