My English Language Services

Learning English, Translation and Editing Services,
Voiceovers, Printing and Publishing

My English Language Services (MyELS) is an activity of the Brian Faul Foundation. It is not a project, or a language school just a service that provides support to people who use the English language in different ways.

MyELS attempts to provide an opportunity for learning and development as well as offering direct services in the fields of translation, editing, printing and publishing.

Teachers and schools also need “in service” training, support, and access to more resources. In many countries, teachers are poorly paid in comparison to other workers within their respective country. Investment in (basic) additional resources is badly needed either financially or through the donation of actual resources. If you can help, please contact BFF

Internships and mentoring can be arranged for students of editing and translation programmes as well as writers and journalists.

Currently available from MyELS (2019)

  • English lessons (all levels, ages, individuals, groups, companies in Riga, Vilnius, and online).
  • Specialist teaching – including IELTS preparation, legal, medicine, diplomatic, financial English.
  • Seminars for teachers.
  • Online language support.
  • Public speaking and presentations – coaching and support.
  • Speech writing and support.
  • Voiceovers.
  • Creative writing programmes and workshops.
  • Editing and proofreading – articles, legal documents, books, etc.
  • Translation services – to and from English.

For more information get in touch with BFF directly at