Deis is the Irish language word for opportunity and is a social enterprise which focuses on personal, community, organisational and business development. Being a social enterprise, administered by The Brian Faul Foundation, any profit (surplus income) will be used to develop its own work and support The Brian Faul Foundation and other similar causes that embrace social justice and inclusion.

Deis can offer:

  • printing and publishing services
  • translation services
  • editing and proof reading services
  • PR and marketing support
  • website design and set up
  • voiceovers
  • conference management
  • conference/meeting moderation/chairing
  • disability awareness training

Deis can help Individual authors looking for help in producing a text or publishing a small quantitiy of books, or a group or organisation that needs to produce a manual or booklet. Deis uses newly qualified and soon to be qualified artists, designers, translators and other personnel to help you realise your opportunities and at the same time the Deis team members gain experience. All Deis work is carefully monitored and supervised and supported by experienced mentors, partners and service suppliers.